Swimming with a whale shark: a slow-motion adventure

Swimming with a whale shark: a slow-motion adventure

Swimming with dolphins is cute; swimming with Caribbean fish would be funny and with manta rays could be eccentric… but what about swimming with sharks? Many travelers from Cancún and Riviera Maya cannot wait to their holidays to enjoy an encounter with the whale shark, the biggest fish of the world… Would you dare to?

It might sound like a weird, spine-chilling experience; nonetheless it could be an emotive adventure when you meet this tranquil giant of the ocean.  If you are afraid of them, don’t worry, here you will find some good reasons to jump into the Caribbean Sea in search of it.

First of all you need to know that whale sharks are not hungry for humans. They are filter feeders. Even when they have around 27 000 teethes and a big mouth (5 feet when open) they won’t try to catch you for lunch. They actually prefer plankton and to have it they just need to swim with its mouth open, close to the surface of the sea and suck in all the water they can. Then they filter the water throughout its gills, and the plankton remains.  A whale shark can filter over 1,500 gallons of water an hour. Isn’t it amazing?

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