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Maya Four Worlds and Creation Legend

In the past, the Mayan had a writing system and their codices were decorated with bright drawings and glyphs. Myths like the "Popol Vuh" about Creation, cosmology, and religion suffused their lives. Mayan writing was a complex system of phonetics and pictographs, Mayan writings in stucco, stone, and pottery remain but only four of the bark paper codices survived the Spanish book burnings.

The four remaining Codices made from folded flattened tree bark, (Dresden, Paris, Madrid, and Grolier), generally had writing on both sides and were covered with lime paste. Three of the codices had complex glyphic texts usually read in paired columns. Although the flavor, spirit, and essence was quintessential Mayan, the sheer beauty and artistry of the graphics and writing of the codices were hauntingly reminiscent of the ornately illustrated, Celtic, Book of Kells.
The Maya Creation Book Popol Vuh or "Book of Written Leaves" was originally written in Mayan Hieroglyphs. It was written on flattened tree bark with artistic drawings similar to the beautiful illustrations in Celtic works like the "Book of Kells".

Transcriptions of its contents in the Roman Alphabet in the sixteenth century include Maya cosmology and mythos about Primal Seas, Dark Times, radiantly splendid Mayan Creation Deities, the founding of the Guatemalan highland culture. The knowledge they obtained from other teachings, myths, and symbologies enabled the Maya to conceptualize higher truths and served as bridging tools for them between dimensional realities.

According to the legends of the Maya, the Supreme Creator god Hunab Ku created four new worlds, rebuilding the landscape four times after deluges had poured from the mouth of the sky serpent. What this legend refers to are four times where god Hunabku acted as a benefactor and mentor to the souls inhabiting the physical plane bodies of the people known as the Maya.

The verb "to pour" along with its synonyms has many meanings applicable to the Maya storytelling. It also means to dispense, to mete out, to discharge, to swarm, to detonate, to explode, to emit fire, to transfer, to empty, to decant, to emit, to relocate, to shift. to reassign, to remove, to eradicate, to confiscate, to take out, and to eliminate.

The first time god Hunab Ku helped to rebuild the Maya World was after the first time fiery catastrophe poured from the mouth of the sky serpent. The First Maya World correlated to the relocation to Earth of the Lemurians after their planets Epona (Mars) was rendered inhabitable and Brighid (Asteroid Belt) was blown up by a concentrated energy beam from a Death Star Planetoid.

Acting as a Shamanic Psychopomp, he helped the millions of Brighid Lemurians stranded in the fourth dimensional ethers without third dimensional biochemical shells available to them. He also helped to genetically engineer triage replacement biochemical shells for them on Earth on the continent of Lemuria so that they might continue their evolutionary spiral with his help as a mentor and benefactor.

The second time god Hunab Ku helped to rebuild the Maya World was after the second time fiery catastrophe poured from the mouth of the sky serpent. The Second Maya World correlated to the Usurpers hitting and sinking the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis with asteroids from the remains of the planet Brighid. At that time, he help with the relocation of the Maya to Mesoamerica and the Yucatan.

He was assisted in this effort by the elemental Dwarves who helped the Maya with the quality stonework used to construct the Sacred Stone buildings in the villages they were to inhabit after the Lemurian Shamans from Epona and Lemurian relocated to the Pleiades...

The third time god Hunab Ku helped to rebuild the Mayan World was after the third explosive and confiscatory catastrophe poured from the mouth of the sky serpent.

The Third Maya World correlated to the time when an obscure extraterrestrial race of "offenders" from the environs of Sirius, who were called the Dzolob by the Maya, usurped and confiscated the inhabitations and Celtic style Sacred Mounds of the Maya.

The motivations and reasons of the Dzolob, who are the present day Sirians, for doing this were extremely complex. Feeling abandoned by the Lemurians and frustrated because they were unable to relocate with either the fifth dimensional Lemurian Orions or the sixth dimensional Lemurian Pleiadians, they tried to quench their overwhelming thirst for knowledge keys and ascension merkaba techniques with a "No Holds Barred" and "Whatever it Takes" attitude.

This was the "Dark Times" when the Maya were forced to built the stone pyramids over their Sacred Mounds and then coerced into doing sacrificial rituals under the ill advised, imprudent, and injudicious instructions of their usurper oppressors.

A short time after god Hunab Ku was informed of what had happened to the Maya Sacred Mounds and the bloody sacrificial rituals taking place there, he returned from the Pleiades for a brief period to cleanse and scour the landscape of the Maya. At that time, the Dzolob Sirians retreated underground to live in cozy, elaborately constructed, well appointed, and comfortably furnished caves.

The Maya were the helped by god Hunab Ku to relocate elsewhere in Mesoamerica and the Yucatan. They moved into areas in the countryside where the ethers were still pristine and unsullied. He also gave the Maya specific spiritual guidelines to live their daily lives by until the Pleiadians were once again able to return to the Earth and act as benefactors and mentors to them.

This was the timeframe when all the cities were mysteriously abandoned by the Maya. It also corresponds to the Third World that Hunab Ku created for the Maya where they could live by themselves. It was meant to be the final or last world that the Maya would inhabit before the coming of the Fourth Flood and the return of god Hunab Ku to help create the Fourth World.

The fourth time god Hunab Ku helped to rebuild the Maya World happened when he recently returned from the Pleiades to help create in the Fourth World.

The Fourth Maya World correlated to the present day coming of the Fourth Flood and the Fourth Dispensational Shift circa 2005 A.C.E. when the planetary spheres finally made the axis shift into the long awaited humanitarian Age of Aquarius.

Hunab ku will make sure that the Maya have the necessary sacred tools and knowledge necessary for them to safely make the phase transition into the Fourth World, as the planet makes a quantum leap into higher states of Consciousness more readily available in the Age of Aquarius