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Riviera Maya and its 5 Delicious Ambassadors

About 1 year(s) ago by 4 Worlds Expeditions
Riviera Maya Food & Dining

Flavors may be the only experience that you can share with your family and friends about the place you already visited. You cannot take neither the breeze of that lovely sunset or the sounds of that lively city. Sometimes pictures can’t capture the grandeur or the beauty that we want to show of the place we already visited. But flavors and aromas they can be “delicious ambassadors”. They may not last too much time on your desktop, or in your closet but they make us get an idea of the richness of the place where they come from.

Mexico is so fortunate because it’s the country of flavors and aromas, so it has many delicious ambassadors. When visiting the Riviera Maya choose these different gourmet experiences to share with your family and friends.



Africa is the world’s major source of cacao but if you want really good chocolate, it must be made with “cacao criollo” which grows only in México. Artisanal factories from Tabasco, Yucatán, Oaxaca and Chiapas offer excellent chocolate and you’ll find them in coffee shops or handicrafts stores in the Riviera Maya.


Everybody knows tequila and Mexican beer. This kind of liqueur comes from a small flower and used as medicine by the Maya. Try it on the rocks, a refreshing complement for Yucatecan food.


Vanilla comes from Veracruz state so it’s technically not exclusively a Mayan experience.Still, it’s the perfect partner for coffee and chocolate. You’ll find vanilla from Papantla in Riviera Maya food stores.


Coffee from Chiapas is aromatic and strong and for many people it’s just one of the best of the world. When buying coffee in Riviera Maya store, verify the quality and origin of the product. Mexican coffee has international certifications and you can see seals in the bag.


Yucatán State, which is next to Riviera Maya is the best honey producer in the world! Look for the local producers and ask them for melipona honey. Try it and take a sweet souvenir from Riviera Maya. When you’re planning a trip to Cancun this season, don’t miss the opportunity to tour some of the city’s best souvenir shopping destinations and top Riviera dining destinations. Plan a custom private tour with 4 Worlds Expeditions to make the most of your experience.
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